K & S Financial, located in Mt. Airy, has utilized Insurance Force for several years to assist with employee health benefits.  When their workers’ compensation insurance came up for renewal, they looked to Insurance Force for assistance.  Insurance Force was able to reduce K&S Financial’s workers’ comp premium by over 50%.  “At first I was just looking for a lower premium.  And Insurance Force delivered,” said Lawrence Smith, President of K & S Financial, “and the ease of transferring the insurance policy and the communication of  what to expect and when I could expect it was helpful.  But then again, that is what I have come to expect from Insurance Force; they do a great job.”  Matt Stangle, Vice-President and head of the property & casualty division, stated, “I wish I could provide that savings to every client.  I know we can’t.  But we try to make it as simple as possible, and let the client know their options, and what they can do to improve their property & casualty insurance program.”