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How Insurance Force Driving Stickers Can Help Prevent Accidents

Our driver safety program is an excellent way to minimize vehicle accidents and lower your insurance premium.   Today, over 300,000 trucks utilize such driver-monitoring program. Click here to report an incident

Improve Driver Safety

Each driver is accountable to his manager for his individual driving habits. Each vehicle’s incident report is an actual eyewitness account of a real driving event. By increasing accountability, participants increase responsibility. With the decal placed on the back of each fleet vehicle, fleet drivers know that they’re being watched, which instantly creates a higher degree of accountability and safety awareness.  If drivers are held accountable for their actions, they will adjust their behavior accordingly and reduce exposure to crashes.

Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies understand that the best fleets set clear performance expectations and then constantly monitor and take action to correct problems.  Therefore they are committed to identifying and reducing risk for their clients.


What Happens to Drivers Who Receive Multiple Incident Reports?

Safety managers use our reports to identify extreme driving behaviors for coaching and counseling. Drivers who get multiple complaints are at much higher risk to be in a crash.  These drivers might get dismissed if no improvement is shown after several coaching sessions.

How Should Drivers Be Coached After an Incident Report?

An incident report is part of driver performance monitoring.  Safety managers are encourages to go over the basis of the report with the driver.  Training is encouraged, but it might not be enough because it’s sometimes used as a quick fix.  Instead, safety managers should reinforce safety expectations to the driver, such as explaining safety policies and procedures.

What Do You Do About Crank Reports?

Reports are screened.  A common-sense approach is utilized.  We acknowledge fake reports will be a part of the process, and recommend our clients recognize this.

Will the Reports Be Shared with Law Enforcement or Insurance Carriers?

No. We e-mail notice of the Incident Report only to the client who owns or operates the vehicle. No-one else has access to the report and no-one has access to our secure server data base.  We believe that it is the responsibility of the client to determine any consequences associated with an incident report, and to take whatever action they deem appropriate. The goal of our program is to provide our clients with current driving information,  so they have the opportunity to correct any dangerous driving habits before an accident occurs.

How Can I Get this Program for my Business?

This program is only available for Property and Liability clients of insurance Force. Please contact us to learn how Insurance Force can help your business’ insurance program.