Here are some articles we’ve written in trade magazines

hvacr magazine sept

Do you Have Too Much Liability Coverage?

HVACR Magazine Sept 2011 Author: Matthew Stangle

What happens in a client’s home doesn’t stay in home Whether it’s a good job or a debacle, that client will tell a friend, who tells an acquaintance, who tells another friend.  Certainly if it’s a good job, that word of mouth will bring you more business.  If, on the other hand, there was an accident, damage, or injury in the home, the client’s friend won’t be the first to know-you will.

contractor magazine Sept

Confidence In Your Insurance Coverage

Contractor Magazine Sept 2011 Author: Matthew Stangle

…These rather extreme scenarios demonstrate the importance of protecting yourself and your employees with a safety plan and a thorough insurance policy, and knowing when to use them. A few thousand dollars to reimburse a homeowner for damaged flooring and furniture is a minor amount and shouldn’t have a huge financial impact for you. Insurance is for the…

HVACR magazine Jan

Protecting Against Data-Related Risks

HVACR Magazine Jan 2012 Author: Matthew Stangle

…Make sure your insurance covers some of the more common risks that could harm your business, such as possible infringement, website vandalism, electronic services attack, and malicious or defamatory messages posted on your bulletin board or chat room…