Business owners have been conditioned to focus on finding the best insurance policy for when an accident occurs.

Why not focus on preventing the accident from occuring in the first place?

Introducing RiskForce, a program designed to help business owners identify and prioritize actionable items to help reduce and eliminate accidents.

How it works

Step 1. To PREVENT AN ACCIDENT, first we identify where the accidents are most likely to occur.


We spend about 40 minutes asking a series of questions.  We break up the analysis into 5 categories. And present the results at a follow up meeting. The 24 page report takes an intangible concept, risk, and turns it into a tangible, measurable score.

This gives us your baseline Risk score.  It’s a snapshot of where you are today.  Then we can go to work on improving your score.


Step 2. Then we go to work on REDUCING THE CHANCES of accidents occurring.

action itemsInsurance Force will provide your company with an action plan we can both agree to.  We will help prioritize the action items, so we can focus together on the items that will have the biggest impact first.


The Result:

A LOWER INSURANCE RATE is a result of a well managed company that focuses FIRST on preventing accidents from occurring altogether. 

Put RiskForce To Work For You!

RiskForce is available for property and liability clients of Insurance Force. For more information or to enroll in the program, please contact us.