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One of the largest factors in insurance premiums is a business’ past losses and claims. So why not work on trying to avoid accidents and injuries?  All good business owners want to do the right thing and promote a safe work environment and culture. The hard part is finding the time to CONSISTENTLY reinforce their committment to safety. Which is why Insurance Force introduced Safety Alerts to our SafetyForce Program.

Instead of relying on a business owner or office manager, Safety Alert messages go directly to your employees.  Safety Alerts help reinforce to your employees your commitment to their safety. 6 -12 times a year your employees will recieve short, relevant safety messages.

Text safety to 88202 and try the program for free.

We introduced this sevice to your employees during your first safety meeting which we conduct on site.  We set up a special code for your business.  This allows us to track the number of messages sent to your employees.  This information becomes part of our executive summary to the insurance carriers at renewal.  We want to take credit for the good things you do to try to reduce and prevent injuries.  This helps maximizes the credits the insurance carriers are willing to provide.

If you are interested in learn more about the programs we’ve developed to help business’ drive down their insurance costs, please request a consultation today.