Insurance Force Education and Training Webinars

Compliance with state and federal employment laws can pose big challenges. To help ensure your business is compliant, informing your management team members of their responsibilities and obligations is crucial.

Built specifically for those in supervisory roles, these HR business education and training webinars will engage participants with timely information that can protect your business.  Each webinar also allows you to ask questions and interact live with experienced and trusted HR Professionals.

Upcoming Trainings

Protect Your Bottom Line With Proper Classifications of Employees (Exempt, Non Exempt, Interns, Seasonal Workers and More)

Improper employee classifications can lead to significant State and Federal fines and penalties. However, many employers are not aware that their improperly classified ‘Interns’ or ‘Contractors’ are  not aware that their improperly classified ‘Interns’ or ‘Contractors’ are not compliant with State and Federal eligibility requirements. Don’t be unprepared, join us for an informative webinar that will help you properly classify all future hires. We will cover:

• State and Federal Guidelines

• Guidance for determining:
     Paid and Unpaid Interns
     Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees

• Recent case scenarios-learn from their mistakes!

Price: $115.00 per registrant

Mid-Year HR and Employment Law Hot Topics

This webinar will give you a detailed overview of the legislative updates you need to be aware of in mid-2014. 

We will be providing more details as we get closer to the date of the webinar, as many of the topics will be ‘late breaking’.

Price: $115.00 per registrant

 ABCs of Generation XYZ

This webinar will walk you through the basics and the challenges of multiple generations working together.   Enhancing productivity, ensuring workplace morale is positive and proactive while keepingkeeping your managers out of the courtroom.

During this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn about best practices of incorporating multiple generations with different philosophies on workplace culture, technology and employer loyalty into a shared workspace.  The goal is to create a collaborative environment and ensure that employees and managers are aware of the differences in work styles, priorities to members of each generational group as well as finding common ground.

Focus areas include:

•     What employees want-the similarities and differences in each generation.
•     Flexibility in work schedules
•     Technology
•     Encouraging employee loyalty
•     Social Media in the Workplace
•     Employee Recognition-what works for one generation is a deterrent for another
•     Keeping employees motivated

Price: $115.00 per registrant

FMLA Leaves: Tracking Strategies, Tips, Tools and Facts to ensure Compliance

This training is designed to help you navigate the Family Medical Leave Act as it applies to your organization. We will cover:

• Who is a covered Employer?
• Who is a covered Employee?
• Basic FMLA
• Military FMLA
• Recent Amendments
• Required Paperwork and Tracking
• FMLA Coordination with Other Statutes, like ADA and State Laws
• Terminating Employees on FMLA

We will also have a Q & A session, where you can ask our Certified HR Professional any questions you have about the FMLA compliance, application and tracking.

Price: $115.00 per registrant

Affordable Care Act Updates-Special Presentation

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, signed into law respectively on March 23 and March 30, 2010, led to comprehensive and far-reaching health care delivery changes impacting employers nationwide.  It is now time for each employer, regardless of size, to consider how the organization may need to respond. 

This webinar is intended to highlight the key provisions of Health Care Reform that affect small to midsized businesses.  The presentation is designed for an audience of business owners and the staff that they designate to manage human resources functions within the organization. 

Below is a brief agenda of the presentation:

Background/History of Health Care Reform
Previously Implemented Health Care Reform Provisions
Consumer Protections
Lactation Breaks
Small Business Tax Credits
Flexible Spending Accounts
Current/Pending Health Care Reform Provisions
W-2 Reporting
Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Requirement
Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies
Health Care Reform Provisions on the Horizon
Individual Mandate
Employer Mandate (Covered Employers, Specific Requirements & Penalty Calculations)
90-Day Waiting Period Requirement
Exchanges/Marketplaces Overview
Automatic Enrollment Requirement
Wrap-Up and Q&A

Price: $115.00 per registrant

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

Covering the core topic of sexual harassment prevention and going beyond to cover additional protected category areas such as race, disability, and sexual orientation, this interactive webinar is developed specifically for supervisors and meets every state and federal training requirements, including rigorous sexual harassment training standards in California (AB 1825), Connecticut, and Maine.

During this live 2-hour minimum webinar, you’ll learn about basic requirements as well as best practices.
Focus areas include:
• State and Federal Laws Prohibiting Harassment
• Types of Harassment
• Supervisor Responsibilities
• Complaint Management
• Confidentiality
• Retaliation
• Remedies to Victims
• Unfair Discrimination
• Hostile Work Environment
• Prevention Strategies

The webinar is designed and led by the trusted HR Pros of the HR Support Center.

Benefits of attending this webinar include:
• Copy of the presentation slides
• Handouts for additional reference
• Live questions and answers session

Price: $45.00 per registrant

 Productive (Yet Festive) Work Environments: Managing Holiday Parties, Relationships, and Office Culture

Every employer wants to be a ‘fun’ place to work. But without the proper safeguards and parameters in place, things can get out of hand, often exposing employers to liability. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can maintain your culture and keep morale high while limiting your exposure to risk. We’ll discuss:

• Should you serve alcohol at company parties?
• Interoffice relationships
• Fostering and maintaining cohesive office cultures
• Additional Items to consider when sponsoring events

Price: $115.00 per registrant

Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations

It’s performance evaluation time at many companies, and for managers it’s time to brush up on ways to break good and not-so-good news.  Our HR Pros have extensive experience in a variety of evaluation methods, and we are looking forward to sharing our insights with you. We will be discussing:
• Manager and Non-Manager Appraisals
• SMART Goals
• Common Rating errors and Pitfalls
• 360 Degree Performance Appraisals

Price: $115.00 per registrant