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See how our painting clients reduce their insurance premiums by reducing and eliminating losses through safety awareness and education of employees.

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Programs and processes created by Insurance Force help drive Painter’s insurance costs down.

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Wanting to do and executing a consistent safety program to drive down insurance costs can be far apart for busy business owners.

Insurance Force will provide on-site training classes customized to meet our clients greatest needs.


Painting companies have different risks and therefore require special insurance to protect and cover potential losses.  We help identify and educate our clients on the common concerns painting companies face.


By keeping it simple, we help you get it done, from wanting to have a better safety program that leads to better insurance, to having a better safety program, which results in lower premiums.


Helping Clients Understand Complex Issues.

See how our clients stay informed about insurance trends that directly affect their business.

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Our approach to your business will help you navigate the complex world of insurance.