This is a long term partnership, and developing a risk program for our clients means working together to achieve their goals. The common motto, “What gets measured gets done,” is a guiding principal at Insurance Force.

Step 1. Understand

It starts with a full understanding of our clients’ business.  Through our documented process of uncovering risk, we identify risks our clients may or may not be aware of.

Step 2. Educate

Our next step is to educate our clients on the perceived and potential risks, review their current insurance plan, discuss potential shortcomings, and/or to give them an honest assessment that they have a good program in place.

Step 3. Secure

If our clients agree it makes sense to move forward, we will work on their behalf to secure a variety of options to fulfill their documented requirements.

Step 4. Set & Deliver Expectations

The last step in the process is to deliver the policies they selected and provide a written set of expectations for the next 12 months.  This game plan will include what our clients can expect from us, what we promise to deliver, as well as our expectations of our clients.