Meet Morgan Holmes

What inspired you join Insurance Force?
After graduating college, I had no ideal career in mind for myself until I spoke with Matt about the many opportunities there are in the insurance industry. After one month of working with the company, I am determined and excited to be a successful broker.

What’s your favorite part about the culture at Insurance Force?
My favorite part about the culture at Insurance Force is the closeness of their employees. They are a fun, hardworking group of individuals who truly care about each other and each other’s success.

What were you most surprised to learn about the insurance industry?
While learning about the insurance industry, I am most surprised to learn how many different facets and terms there are within an insurance policy.

What’s something interesting that others may not know about you?
I am very much a homebody and highly value family time. I enjoy being close to home, near both my immediate and extended family.

What three words do you want others to use to describe you?
Positive; hardworking; respectful

Morgan Holmes
Morgan HolmesProperty & Casualty Insurance Broker
contact: [email protected]