Dan Welsh, owner of Environmental Cleaning & Contracting Solutions (ECS), approached Insurance Force to quote their workers’ compensation insurance.  He had a price increase and wanted to see if Insurance Force could handle all his insurance, not just workers’ comp, but property, liability, and health benefits. “I had seen Matt [Stangle] present his company at a luncheon.  I was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism.  When he explained how they not only handle liability insurance but also health insurance, it was the perfect time to have him look at my insurance,” stated Dan.

Not only was Insurance Force able to handle all his insurance needs, they were able to reduce his liability premium by 19%.  Matt Stangle, Vice President of the Risk Management Division, said, “Dan didn’t know his past insurance agent.  They didn’t provide annual reviews.  By simply asking some questions about this business and understanding his risks, we were able to help reduce his premium, while changing coverages to meet his needs today, not as they were 5 years ago.”

As a contractor, cash flow is important.  Which is why Insurance Force recommended a Pay-as-You-Go payment option for Dan’s Workers’ Compensation policy.  Insurance Force recommended Custom Payroll, who was able to save ECS $500 a year in payroll processing cost.  Dan said, “not having to pay that large down payment helps my cash flow.  Plus, my business fluctuates, so paying my workers’ comp. premium relative to my payroll, like my payroll taxes, helps me better manage my cash flow.”