Starting a business takes blood, sweat, tears, and expert advice. Founded in 2012, Severn Brands, a promotional products distributor, needed to set up liability insurance. Matt Stangle from Insurance Force spent time with Steve learning about his business and understanding what types of risks Steve foresaw. “Matt really took the time to ask questions about my business. We discussed several scenarios. He brought up some good ideas how I could reduce my risk. I had thought of implementing these ideas before, but with all my work, I had not gotten around to it. I put a few procedures in place, and within 48 hours I has some insurance quotes. I could then move on with the rest of my business with piece-of-mind.”

Knowing what insurance carriers are looking for in clients helps Insurance Force secure the best possible quotes. “I knew some of the questions the insurance carriers were going to ask. So before submitting an application to the insurance carriers, I recommended for Steve put a few best-practices procedures in place. This helps a company like Steve get the best possible insurance quote. If we can show the insurance carriers he is risk adverse and has liability-reducing procedures in place, an insurance carrier is more likely to provide a discounted insurance premium,” stated Matt Stangle.

Steve continues, “having strong business partners is an important part of my business. I provide excellent customer service to my clients, and I expect my vendors to do the same for me. Working with Insurance Force was an easy decision, because they have the same customer service values as me.”