I was lucky enough to attend the Super Bowl this year.  I came back with lots of great memories.  From celebrating in the streets of New Orleans with a sea of purple Ravens fans to seeing Michael Phelps and Dr. Oz, it was a great time.  One memory we will all probably remember too, when the lights went out!  At the time I thought it was Ray Lewis actually ascending into heaven as he predicted!  We eventually found out it was due to a power outage from the electric company.  After I realized Ray was not floating from the field, my insurance mind kicked in.  My next thought was, “I wonder if they have Off-Premises Utility Service Endorsement on their general liability policy?”  Did you think the same thing?  I’m guessing not, but I bet you are now asking what it is!  Well let me tell you.  It provides coverages for financial losses that occur to loss of gas, telephone, water or power services due to damage that occurs at a location other than the business  location.  Think about a restaurant.  They lose power for 4 days and their inventory goes bad.  This coverage would cover that loss.

Now you know, and we can all get back to the next most important question, “Who is left on the Raven’s team?”