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Get Better Control & Understanding of Your Insurance Costs.

Programs and processes created by Insurance Force help drive insurance costs down.

Hundreds of companies help make us one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Reina is doing an outstanding job that sets your company apart from the ordinary. I rarely see this kind of customer service any more.â€

John Dennison, Elevi


“My employees actually paid attention to the defensive driving class Matthew conducted on site!â€

Charles Hayden, Hayden Mechanical


“I have a true partner. I know if I have question, I can call Kate and get it answered. I don’t have to spend my time researching the internet.â€

Robyn Winters, PBS Consulting

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The service, support, and results you need to transform your business into employers of choice, to be the envy of your competition.

Partner with a broker who can find insurance programs which transfer risk to an insurance carrier that fits your needs.


Fortune 500 companies are not the only ones who can offer great benefits to attract and retain the very best.


From employee handbooks, to hiring procedures, find out how we can be your HR resource.


Helping Clients Understand Complex Issues.

See how our clients stay informed about insurance trends that directly affect their business.

Find out why our customers love us.

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